What does wearing masks have to do with the real meaning of 5g, hormonal birth control, contamination of the earth with plastic, sexual predators, corrupted leaders, Trump, violence, disconnection, plastic surgery, abuse, suicide, psychosis and addiction?

Yes, I just put all these words in one line. These are all diseases of our century. There are more.

These are all products of disconnect.

Disconnect between the mind and the body, from oneself, from others, from community…

Various forms of disconnect all come from the same source – the disconnect from the Source of existence.

And… these are all doors to awakening.

Powerful people have to rise. We have to do the healing and the necessary transformational work to be able to move beyond the small self. Whatever it takes to move through/beyond/underneath the nightmare of obsession with the personal identity.

This is not a strategy for a happier life.

It is a necessity in these times.

I wonder if you understand me when I speak like this?

I will explain.

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