There are many women who think that their libido is very low, but in most cases it is just the result of trying to have sex in a masculine way. 

Most of these women are trying to get into penetrative sex before they are fully aroused. 

Generally speaking, the male arousal is a yang type of arousal. And the female arousal is a yin type of arousal. 

It means that masculine sexual energy is like fire, it ignites in the centre (the penis) and after that spreads out.

And the feminine sexual energy is like water – it is collected from the edges, the limbs, from the heart and flows to the centre (the vagina).

Men’s lingam can be touched without much foreplay. It is actually very nice to connect with the lingam first and then continue by spreading the pleasure and activating his chest, belly and limbs.

In the case of women the yin energy proceeds from the edges, gradually moving inward and flowing downward towards the sex centre. The yin energy needs to pass through the heart centre before it descends lower.

That’s why women find it generally harder to separate sex from love. 

Most women need to feel connected and safe, they need to feel their heart open before they can open up sexually. 

Which is not always the case for men. They can have sex with someone without much of an emotional or heart connection.

Yoni and heart are similar — neither can be forced to open. You can’t force yourself to fall in love, and you can’t open your body by force.


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