Women… they will feed you with their “I don’t know” and “maybe”…

Women… will confuse you with their changing nature…

Women… will make you feel like you are losing your ground…

They will test you, drive you nuts, encourage you, discourage you, blow you open, shut you off, demand attention, bitch around, come with an earthshaking gift…

But women will rarely tell you what they want. Not because we want to hide it. But because our deepest desire is not intellectual.

Deep down women want one thing.

We want your masculinity.

We want your depth.

We want your truth.

And this is where the games end.

We want to feel penetrated.

And not only by your lingam.

We want to feel penetrated by your energy, by your love, your presence, your consciousness.

We want to feel that the consciousness/shiva  touches every single secret spot within us/shakti.

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