A wound is bleeding in my heart, the wound of separation from the very source of existence, the wound of being isolated and not understood.
The wound of being an alien on this Earth, the planet that I love so much, an alien in this world which I hold so dearly in my heart.
The wound of being too intense, too much, not being appropriate.

Not being proper! Because this is what you learn as a little child – to please everyone you need to behave properly and be the right person and show up in all the right ways.

The wound of isolation is bleeding intensely; it pours blood when I am shamed and not understood.
When women compete with me, when men look at me as an object, when I am not seen… It presses on the wound. It begins to bleed again…

The wound is bleeds rivers when I am scared to be judged for showing my heart. By exposing my love.

When I am scared of exposing my love… what can be more isolating than that?

What is more scary than when we are scared to show how much we really love?

How much do we really love?

Each time when I fear that my intensity is too wild, that my truth is hurting others, that my not trying to fit in is pressing on the wounds of others, that my love for the divine has to be held secret…

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