Every woman has these three aspects within her. They are all equally important. And they all need to be accepted and loved.
The Little Girl is that very young part of you. She is usually quite wounded, as she has absorbed everything like a sponge, she doesn’t have filters; she is very receptive and tender. My little girl is the one who falls in love, for example, and creates a romantic dream out of it. As long as I couldn’t see that it was her making the choices – she ran the show.  Following her pull I would at times end up with people who were obviously not a match. (My little girl can start a relationship with someone just because “he is so pretty, I like to hold his hand!”).
The Woman is the normal human woman. She is the one who in her true essence is deeply alive, wild, and ecstatic. Yet she has very important needs: she needs to feel safe so her heart can open, she needs to feel appreciated, seen and loved. She is the one who suffers from rejection; she is the one who wants to bond, to possibly be a mother. She experiences all the other very simple normal human needs and wants.
The Priestess is that part of us that is here in service to Love, to Truth, to the Divine. She wants nothing more than to be the conduit of divine love in this world. Some women a very open priestess channel, and they recognize other priestesses and priests in an instant. The Priestess is a part of us that is deeply attuned with the mystical realms, that feels a lot more at home in the subtle worlds rather than the physical one. At times she is quite perplexed about this human world and why did she even choose to incarnate. The human life feels rather broken to her.
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