Do you feel safe with and connected to the women around you?

For a long time, I couldn’t trust women.

I was a little scared of them. They felt so unpredictable, unreliable, unsafe…

Then, about ten years ago I gathered my first women’s circle. Women of different ages, different backgrounds, different cultures came together and sat in a circle, side by side.

We shared what was in our hearts, meditated, did practices to connect with ourselves and one another.

We all felt so safe together.

I was touched by everyone’s receptivity, openness and sensitivity.

The mistrust started to leave me. In a matter of a few more sessions, I saw how deeply this was linked to the mistrust I had in my mother. Gradually I regained trust in my own feminine – which was what in reality I didn’t trust.

I accepted that yes, the feminine is unpredictable. Yet, she is not unsafe.

In her pure nature she is wild, untameable, raw, free.

Just like a forest.

Just like an ocean.

Just like a waterfall.

Since then I have learnt to trust in the unknown, and the feminine is the greatest teacher for that.

I adore the fire and the power of mixed gender groups.

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