Most people completely misunderstand Tantra.

Including those who have practiced with authentic carriers of this ancient wisdom.

The misconceptions are understandable.
As soon as we open the door to sexual energy, we open the door to something incredibly powerful and incredibly intense. This intensity makes it very hard to stay on the tiger. It’s very hard to ride it without falling off of it and letting it take over.
That’s why in the past Tantric teachings were only available to a select few and only after they’d spent 12 years with their Master.

I believe that time is accelerating now. Our frequency is faster, we have immense opportunities, and they come to us at a much faster speed.

And the greatest of them is to awaken.

The best scenario is to arrive to sexual practices AFTER you have done a lot of work on developing your consciousness. But many people are drawn to Tantra BEFORE that because they are attracted to the sexual aspect of it.

Yes, Tantra can give you a taste of pleasure beyond what you could have ever imagined.
Most people get so fascinated by this pleasure, they cannot get enough of it, it becomes a drug… You keep seeking more: more powerful experiences, more excitement, more joy…

But this is what pulls you off track.

While it’s fine and even recommended to have phases of re-claiming your pleasure, of exploring your desires… it’s easy to get stuck there. And miss the point.

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