What is sisterhood for you?

I want to speak about something that I as a woman found to be one of the most healing experiences.

I never had many girlfriends, I remember always saying that it’s difficult to be friends with women because they are so complicated and unpredictable… And I would always choose to hang out more with the guys – it felt easier. And it’s true actually. Men don’t tend to take things as personally as women do. If a woman says to a man: “you look great today”, he will take it exactly as she said it. But if a woman says the same thing to another woman it might mean a 101 thing depending on what look she has in her eyes, how she raises her eyebrows and all the little details – and the other woman will understand exactly what it means, even if it means: “you are ok but your butt is oversized and you better stop flirting with him”. Women are receptive beings because they are guided by the most receptive planet – the Moon. This is also the most feminine aspect which we as women should honor within ourselves.

Looking at my friendships I realize how much I was afraid of this feminine aspect I saw in other women, I was scared of their unpredictability, their changing nature…. Because I was not at peace with these qualities within myself. That is amusing and at the same time interesting because not liking them in other women means that I was not liking myself. We mirror each other, and if you don’t like the reflection, it means there are things to work on and heal within yourself.

Research shows that married men live longer than unmarried ones. But women live longer not if they are married, but if they have close female friends. Amazing, right? I believe it has to do with the nourishing aspect of femininity. And it’s so natural for us as women, we don’t really need to do anything for that, just being who we are and sharing this gift with each other is such a great and unique service. Because no matter whether or not you are satisfied with your relationship with men, it will never substitute the healing power of the relationships between girlfriends.

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