At Mystical Femininity we are choosing the path of the conscious and awakening women.

It is a path in which we embrace our joy, radiance, pleasure, sexuality, relationships, emotions, desires… And our deepest longing.

We open ourselves to Shakti, the divine feminine, we play with her, we worship her, we adore her.

We don’t turn away from anything that she has to offer. We welcome her totality.

Mystical Femininity work consists of mystical and devotional practices, dance, tantra. We play with feminine tantric and taoist energy practices, we connect with out kundalini and learn to master our sexual energy.

We connect with magnificent feminine archetypes and bring them into embodiment in this world.

Mystical Femininity is a path that deeply connects us with nature, embraces life.

That celebrates life.

We are consciously choosing the feminine path of embodiment, embracing our joy…

As we practice these principles it is natural for life to become more joyous. There is more ease, more flow, more connection within ourselves and with the Universe. Things that we truly want come into our life with ease. Initiates develop a deep sense of self worth, an understanding of their life’s path; they establish a profound connection with what they really want and how they can live the most amazing life and serve the World at the same time. They learn to own their pleasure and become sexually ecstatic. And it is a delight to be in the presence of these women.

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