The womb is a physical metaphor for consciousness itself, the void, the place of nothingness, from which all life emerges, the emptiness which is actually the fullness of all life. A place of pure potential, formless, yet the essence of all forms.

Menstruation, that monthly bleeding that all women share, unites us no matter what else sets us apart. At any one time on this planet, millions of women are bleeding.

Conscious menstruation refers to the profound awakening that is possible when we embrace our monthly bleeding with deep awareness and self-love.

It’s interesting that many women have their menstruation either around the full Moon or new Moon. Menstruation is also called “moontime” in some ancient cultures. There is a great connectedness to the natural cycles in nature and we are all synced in.

Just as the Moon waxes (or grows outward into the night sky) until it becomes full and then wanes (or gets smaller) as if moving back into itself – so do we. Sometimes she shows up fully, open, bright, reaching out. Other times – she covers her face, retreats, falls back, quiets herself. We can be in the same pattern as the Moon. I find it really beautiful.

The moon is the most feminine planet. It is changeable in the same way as us – ever changing women. So what happens during the New Moon is exactly what happens with us when we bleed – we hide and internalize. And Full Moon corresponds to the time of ovulation – the time when we are at the peak of ourselves, feeling energetic and social.  As the Moon uncovers her face we uncover ours. We get more and more active, putting things into action.

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