Today many people know me as an international Tantra teacher, a woman who initiates incredibly important yet at times very uncomfortable conversations about sexuality, who holds training sessions in some of the most stunning locations in the world, someone who is traveling the world and living her passion. I am financially sovereign and free to be wherever in the world I want to be, I am surrounded by amazing people and I create environments of openness and heart connection.

But I want you to know that I’ve come a long way. Ten years ago I was still living in Moscow and working as a lawyer. Even though I spent 5 years in a law school, I never felt I belonged to that lifestyle. I felt that I was stuck inside a box in the office and I never felt that I was meant to live that way…
I kept trying to have meaningful relationships, but kept being disappointed, feeling unappreciated, unmet, and generally my self esteem was pretty low.

Fast forward to the time when I first discovered Tantra. I remember being in a class together with 100 people… The teacher was sharing about the sacredness of our pleasure, of our desires… He was saying that we can meet our divinity through sex… I was stunned. I remember thinking to myself: “I have always known this. How could I have forgotten?…”

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