The whole topic of feminine empowerment is fascinating, and just like with anything else, if we

become too serious about it, we receive a major slap on the face.

Let’s look at the 2 polar ends of this topic:

1. Women tend to give away their power by projecting their inner masculine on the external man, or a woman. This is something we sucked in from patriarchy together with our mothers’ milk. That’s the voice that tells us: “you don’t need to drive a car – there will always be someone who will drive it for you”. That’s the part of us that looks at someone else when we feel perplexed, thinking that another person has THE answer. Hoping someone else will show up and fix everything. Usually a man. But not necessarily. We do this instead of looking for resources within, or trusting our inner knowledge and letting our masculine side show up and take care of us.

2. The downside of this is that by trying to be the same as men, women’s inner men become

very competitive. Like: “I know how to do this better and faster. I’ve been doing it all my life, after all”. In this case we take so much responsibility that we deprive others from the possibility of showing up. That’s where emasculation begins. And then I have these women come to sessions sounding as if they were part of a sect, all repeating the same thing: “I want to re-connect to my femininity, I feel like a man in a skirt and I keep attracting men who want a mommy.”

Ah! So that wasn’t what we wanted with this total emancipation and equal rights?!

Obviously not. We just didn’t know when to stop.

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