There is something that I call an “empowered woman’s syndrome”.

It’s an attitude that some women adopt. It is especially common amongst those who have been doing a lot of personal development work.

It’s a bit along the lines with what happened with new age spirituality – with good intentions beautiful values turned into something superficial which is only talked about and not really deeply lived.

The same thing with conscious women’s movement, women want to step away from the victim mentality and be empowered, which in itself is not bad of course. But the drawback is that they develop a personality around how this “empowered woman” should be. Maybe some are even asking themselves: “what would an empowered woman do here?..”

In that the whole point is completely missed. “Being empowered” becomes another box where this woman is placing herself.

Dear women! We don’t need to create more boxes!

We have been boxed for centuries! Time to break free of all boxes, even if they look all pretty and are covered with diamonds.

Make the most important value in being yourself, being real, being free.

This gives so much space, so much capacity to love. This attitude soothes all the contracted places, it releases your heart from all those self imposed boxes.

Forget about being empowered. Cry when you want to cry. Laugh when you want to laugh. Be angry when you feel angry. Don’t withhold your love when it’s flowing through you. And know that you are not meant to be always sweet and nice. You are not meant to be always strong. Be vulnerable. This is such a gift! And true power is right there. Be you. Because it is you who is really beautiful.

And the world cannot wait to see You.

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