I am a Priestess. ⠀

I am stepping on this earth in full certainty with every step, because I have endless trust that I am held. With every step I trust. With every step I kiss this earth. With every step I bless this earth. ⠀

I have dedicated my life to love. I have dedicated my life to serving love, to serving truth, to serving the Divine. I see the Divine in everything. I am capable of tracing the thread of Divinity not only from pleasant things, but even from things that seem ugly, immature, chaotic. I know that God is the source and the destination of every breathing being. Of every living thing. ⠀

I know my heart from deep within. I know my truth. My truth is in fact inseparable from the ultimate Truth. I know myself from deep within. I know my wildness, my timid, sensitive nature. I know that I can destroy. I have the power to destroy and sometimes I use it consciously. I know my power to be total chaos and I know how chaos is an essential force on this planet. I have the power of my full consciousness to direct all my force in order to bring more love to this planet. ⠀

Even if sometimes I feel lost I know there is a part of me that is never lost. And I rest there at all times. Even if at times I feel hurt, a part of me is never hurt and I rest there at all times. ⠀

No human emotions are foreign to me – guilt, shame, mistrust, fear, anger, sadness…. But I know how to trace all emotions back to the original longing. This longing is my home. ⠀

It takes me back to the original Wound of separation. It takes me beyond the Wound.⠀

I am a Priestess and I am here to serve love within all beings. ⠀

I walk with total confidence – I know that I am held and I trust myself. I don’t expect anyone else to know anything better than me, but I am humble and I listen. I listen and I hear the voice of the Spirit talking to me through all the things I see, through all the things I hear. ⠀

I listen and no matter what you say I hear your true voice. ⠀

This voice is calling us home.

I am a Priestess and I am that voice.


Photo by Katya Rada



Anything is possible in these times.

In order to enable humankind to fulfil its highest destiny we need awakened beings to rise and act true to the calling of their Soul.

Awakening, finding and living this calling is what the Priestess School is dedicated to.

The question is:

Do you dare to commit to your true calling?


If you are new to my work, then this will be a good little intro. If you’ve been around for a while (perhaps even from the moment I started sending out these love letters in 2014!) – here’s where I’m currently landed 🙂

I founded the Priestess School in 2017. The School is a culmination of nearly a decade of my work with women. The School consists of 5 modules, each module lasting one week (apart from module 4 which goes on for 10 days).

The first module has received a reputation of being a “washing machine”, because it helps clear the murky and unconscious conditioning that women carry around concerning what it means to be a woman, and it is necessary to have a close look at that, so that Greatness can shine through. In this module women work with their shadow, learn to be-friend their emotions, their eroticism, their natural cycles; they also discover the science of the dynamic of attraction, meet the great mother Kali and fall in love with the process of Transformation. Women also discover what is their true Gift to the world, and get empowered to carry this gift with dignity and ownership.

The second module is where women start “stretching”. This module is called Activate Your Erotic Wisdom and this is a deep dive into eroticism and sexual liberation for women in a very safe environment of healing and empowerment.

The third module is when we invite men to join the temple. They have a training that runs in parallel to the women’s one and we all work on Activating the Warrior, and the Highest way of meeting between the Masculine and Feminine.

The fourth module is called the Great Work of the Soul, and this is when we go on a pilgrimage to an ancient Egyptian temple and collect the memories and codes necessary for us to hold the point for the birth of the New World.

The fifth module is the Leadership Training and it is an invitation only program that enables people to facilitate this work.

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What does wearing masks have to do with the real meaning of 5g, hormonal birth control, contamination of the earth with plastic, sexual predators, corrupted leaders, Trump, violence, disconnection, plastic surgery, abuse, suicide, psychosis and addiction?

Yes, I just put all these words in one line. These are all diseases of our century. There are more.

These are all products of disconnect.

Disconnect between the mind and the body, from oneself, from others, from community…

Various forms of disconnect all come from the same source – the disconnect from the Source of existence.

And… these are all doors to awakening.

Powerful people have to rise. We have to do the healing and the necessary transformational work to be able to move beyond the small self. Whatever it takes to move through/beyond/underneath the nightmare of obsession with the personal identity.

This is not a strategy for a happier life.

It is a necessity in these times.

I wonder if you understand me when I speak like this?

I will explain.

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Do you feel safe with and connected to the women around you?

For a long time, I couldn’t trust women.

I was a little scared of them. They felt so unpredictable, unreliable, unsafe…

Then, about ten years ago I gathered my first women’s circle. Women of different ages, different backgrounds, different cultures came together and sat in a circle, side by side.

We shared what was in our hearts, meditated, did practices to connect with ourselves and one another.

We all felt so safe together.

I was touched by everyone’s receptivity, openness and sensitivity.

The mistrust started to leave me. In a matter of a few more sessions, I saw how deeply this was linked to the mistrust I had in my mother. Gradually I regained trust in my own feminine – which was what in reality I didn’t trust.

I accepted that yes, the feminine is unpredictable. Yet, she is not unsafe.

In her pure nature she is wild, untameable, raw, free.

Just like a forest.

Just like an ocean.

Just like a waterfall.

Since then I have learnt to trust in the unknown, and the feminine is the greatest teacher for that.

I adore the fire and the power of mixed gender groups.

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There is something that I call an “empowered woman’s syndrome”.

It’s an attitude that some women adopt. It is especially common amongst those who have been doing a lot of personal development work.

It’s a bit along the lines with what happened with new age spirituality – with good intentions beautiful values turned into something superficial which is only talked about and not really deeply lived.

The same thing with conscious women’s movement, women want to step away from the victim mentality and be empowered, which in itself is not bad of course. But the drawback is that they develop a personality around how this “empowered woman” should be. Maybe some are even asking themselves: “what would an empowered woman do here?..”

In that the whole point is completely missed. “Being empowered” becomes another box where this woman is placing herself.

Dear women! We don’t need to create more boxes!

We have been boxed for centuries! Time to break free of all boxes, even if they look all pretty and are covered with diamonds.

Make the most important value in being yourself, being real, being free.

This gives so much space, so much capacity to love. This attitude soothes all the contracted places, it releases your heart from all those self imposed boxes.

Forget about being empowered. Cry when you want to cry. Laugh when you want to laugh. Be angry when you feel angry. Don’t withhold your love when it’s flowing through you. And know that you are not meant to be always sweet and nice. You are not meant to be always strong. Be vulnerable. This is such a gift! And true power is right there. Be you. Because it is you who is really beautiful.

And the world cannot wait to see You.

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The Wild Woman is the raw and free woman that lives within each woman.

No matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, black or white, small or large, rich or poor, whether you are a rebel or a proper lady, a lawyer or a hippie – the Wild Woman belongs to you.

But for many she is hidden, lost or long forgotten.

We live in a domesticated society where we are taught to play by the rules, be ‘nice’, mind our manners, and accept what we are given. To not shine too bright, or speak too loud.

The Wild Woman is the one who is ready to break free from limitations. Who is not interested in being “nice” because this is what is expected of her.

And yet, she has a massive heart.

And she can be nice. But her nice is a different kind of nice.

Her kind of nice is the one that’s deeply rooted in her being, that comes from freedom, that comes from love.

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