Many people have a tendency to become really affected by the behaviour of their partners. For simplicity it’s called co-dependency.

So here’s a download for everyone who’s interested in shifting this old unnecessary pattern:

Your life has to be so awesome and you need to be thriving so hard that you simply are not able to get obsessed with anyone.

So find out what makes you thrive. What makes you feel that you have an epic life. And commit to doing that. Daily.

Become non negotiable in your commitment to thrive.




In my heart of hearts I know that we all want to live fully.

We all want to offer ourselves to life fully.

We all want to see each other stepping into our full potential.


No one consciously chooses to play small and offer only a cropped version of themselves to their loved ones and the world.

But, why do we do it so much?

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Many women learn to disown their bodies, and often our precious breasts is where it all starts.

Our breasts have a yang quality to them – they are very visible, even if covered by layers of clothing. From an early age we have all gotten messages from the media about the ideal breast size, the perfect breast shape. And if we feel like we don’t measure up – we start to disconnect from our breasts.

Some women go all the way and even physically cut off their breasts and replace them with implants.

And once we disconnect from them they simply go numb.

When in their natural state our breasts are our love center because they sit on either side of our spiritual heart or anahata chakra. They represent the external expression of our heart energy. Also, they are sensual and orgasmic. Yes, breast orgasm is one of the forms of orgasm in tantra. And it is a delightful one!

Breasts come in such a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, and they are a great starting point for women to love our bodies.


♥ Cysts or Fibroids

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When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing?  When did you stop doing things that open you up and really matter to you?

Sometimes we tell ourselves that it’s not the right time or that we are too busy.

Is it something that you often say?

I’ve been living in the desert for the last 7 months. And I’ve been really busy practicing meditation and other things that are important for me. These are the things of a more masculine realm. But I forgot something really important, something truly feminine, something that I used to do every day for the last years…

I didn’t make it a priority, because I thought that I’d done so much of it, it wasn’t a big deal.

But I felt less radiant, less sexual and less interested in life than I had felt in a long time.  The relationship with my man was getting less and less juicy and more and more heady…  I thought I was going through difficult times and I just had to wait till they passed…

The truth is – I forgot to do something that more than anything brings me into my body and makes me feel radiantly alive. I  did not dance. Looking back I feel like in not doing so I was betraying my soul.

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BODY IMAGE: Do you love what you see?

BODY IMAGE: Do you love what you see?

I invite you to do a seemingly simple exercise: Stand naked in front of the mirror and answer this question: “Do you love what you see?

You might be interested to know that over 90% of people do not like their bodies. That’s full on, right?

If we are too focused on our body image and insecurities, we can’t be really there with our lover, we are in the mind. And there’s no way to completely open up when we are caught in our mind. And if we can’t open up and surrender we can’t fully experience intimacy nor can we truly orgasm.

I bet you’d love to feel at home and confident in your body. Let’s look deeper into it.

Have you noticed that some women who have great physical attributes do not strike us as particularly attractive, and others who are not that physically beautiful come across as absolutely gorgeous? I’ve observed dozens of examples of that. The key here is self love. Loving ourselves expands our beauty. Seriously, it is like magic.

Loving ourselves means accepting ourselves in the totality of our being and loving all of the features we have – the perfect, the average and the ugly.

We all are human, so we each have parts of ourselves that we don’t approve of. And we must embrace these parts especially to be truly gorgeous.

We have to embrace our strength and weakness to be truly beautiful and attractive.

So let’s go back to the mirror exercise: take the part of your body that you don’t find particularly attractive and look at it in front of the mirror several times every day. And your task is to find something that you like about this body part of yours. Don’t focus on what you think it’s lacking. It can be any little thing: the colour, the birthmark, the mere fact that you have this body part after all!

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