I am a Priestess. ⠀

I am stepping on this earth in full certainty with every step, because I have endless trust that I am held. With every step I trust. With every step I kiss this earth. With every step I bless this earth. ⠀

I have dedicated my life to love. I have dedicated my life to serving love, to serving truth, to serving the Divine. I see the Divine in everything. I am capable of tracing the thread of Divinity not only from pleasant things, but even from things that seem ugly, immature, chaotic. I know that God is the source and the destination of every breathing being. Of every living thing. ⠀

I know my heart from deep within. I know my truth. My truth is in fact inseparable from the ultimate Truth. I know myself from deep within. I know my wildness, my timid, sensitive nature. I know that I can destroy. I have the power to destroy and sometimes I use it consciously. I know my power to be total chaos and I know how chaos is an essential force on this planet. I have the power of my full consciousness to direct all my force in order to bring more love to this planet. ⠀

Even if sometimes I feel lost I know there is a part of me that is never lost. And I rest there at all times. Even if at times I feel hurt, a part of me is never hurt and I rest there at all times. ⠀

No human emotions are foreign to me – guilt, shame, mistrust, fear, anger, sadness…. But I know how to trace all emotions back to the original longing. This longing is my home. ⠀

It takes me back to the original Wound of separation. It takes me beyond the Wound.⠀

I am a Priestess and I am here to serve love within all beings. ⠀

I walk with total confidence – I know that I am held and I trust myself. I don’t expect anyone else to know anything better than me, but I am humble and I listen. I listen and I hear the voice of the Spirit talking to me through all the things I see, through all the things I hear. ⠀

I listen and no matter what you say I hear your true voice. ⠀

This voice is calling us home.

I am a Priestess and I am that voice.


Photo by Katya Rada



I love touch!

And I believe we all need more touch in our lives.

Touch is one of my major love languages. It is even written into my human design that it is important for me to connect and communicate with others through touch.

I love to give and receive touch. I love to give and take pleasure from touch.

But what we all really need is touch that comes from presence, touch without wanting anything, or hoping to get somewhere.

Touch that is loving, caring, holding.

Touch that produces the love hormone oxytocin and relaxes our nervous system.

Touch that gives us a feeling of belonging, of being connected and appreciated.

Most of us didn’t receive enough nurturing touch as children.

Once we leave our mother’s womb, we are taken away from her, to get cleaned, medically checked, to give her a rest. But the first skin contact for a baby is so important.

Many of us have never been breastfed. The effects of missing out on this first source of nourishment can be felt mentally, physically and energetically for the rest of our lives.

And even if we were lucky and received lots of loving touch, hugs and cuddles as children, we come to a point in our teenage years where we find it awkward to share comforting physical intimacy with our parents.

The next moment in our lives where we receive touch is generally as we enter into our first intimate sexual connections.

Then touch often becomes something to get somewhere.

It comes with an agenda or a goal.

I see this as a big problem, especially in women’s sexuality. 

A woman can feel whether a man is needy in his touch and usually she gets easily bored, her body shuts down or she withdraws sexually from her partner.

But there are some magical keys to how our feminine body opens through touch.

Once a woman feels loved, safe and relaxed and doesn’t have to perform, she blossoms in ways she might never have thought possible.

Touch is so healing.

Through presence and loving touch, a woman can release trauma and numbness, as well as emotional and physical pain.

She can feel nourished, confident, fully alive and as if she is coming home within the temple of her own body.


Written by Christiane Ameya



I rose from the waves like the legendary Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty.

Later, as I looked at the pictures, I caught myself starting to judge the parts of my body that I don’t like: Cellulite on my thighs, skin and fat rolls around my belly, wrinkles on my face… If you are a woman, you know what I mean!

This seems to be a very normal reaction considering the collective consciousness we are living in. I don‘t even know one single woman who isn’t, at least to a certain degree, judgemental around her body.

In a culture of Barbie dolls, touched-up photos in glossy magazines and the year on year increase in plastic surgeries, it is clear that women, but also men, are brainwashed very early on as to how a woman’s body should look.

The price we are paying for this is huge!

Women have their breasts shaped, their lips, noses, eyelids, tummies, yoni lips… And I have considered every one of them at different stages in my life (Ok, never yoni lips, no f*cking way😉). And the big question is WHY?

I don‘t believe it’s very empowering! I don’t think it transforms the core issue.

Most women already feel disconnected from their bodies, and these invasive procedures just make the inner connection to their bodies more elusive. They can no longer feel their beauty, radiance and aliveness from within.

I told myself to STOP immediately, stood naked in front of the mirror and began to appreciate all the parts of my body that I love: My soft skin, my eyes, my breasts…


I gazed at them with eyes of love and wonder. Seeing the divine, the essence in all things.

I witnessed all parts of my body. Allowed discomfort and emotions, without pushing anything away.


I offered loving touch to each part of my body. I smiled at them, whispered words of appreciation.

Stop criticising your body and start loving and accepting her!

There are amazing practices to ignite your inner radiance. To feel beautiful, sensual and alive within your own body.

Women I have worked with keep reflecting that their breasts started to grow after adding self-love breast massage into their daily routine. Women lose weight naturally because they begin to fill up their own cup from inside through Yoni Egg practice, instead of resorting to emotional eating.

Apart from that, the Yoni Egg practice is intended to be rejuvenating, and traditionally it is said to bring eternal beauty. And the best thing is, it is not only not painful but immensely pleasurable, those Chinese empresses knew…

Your body is your temple.
She is the Goddess.

And her love, beauty, pleasure and passion want to be embodied through you.


Written by Christiane Ameya


Art by @ehscapist



I’ve been reflecting on how different I am while in a relationship vs while single.

I am a split definition in Human Design, and as much as I dislike to categorise people using astrology and other systems, understanding this split thing helped me understand my personality.

[According to Human Design – a system of understanding personality, some people don’t have gaps in energy channels that connect their major energy centres, and hence their charts are referred to as single definition. Other people have a split, a double or even triple split. The people whose profile have the split (one or two) are more prone to becoming co-dependent in relationships. (Apparently, it’s totally different with triple split)]

I don’t think single definition people can ever understand this. But when you are a split… you feel more like yourself when you are with another, who bridges your split.

Like, the whole yoga is out of equation. The whole sovereignty. The whole non-attachment…

I feel more like me when I’m with you! Voila!

And that’s pretty fucked, I have to say.

Because when you’re not there… guess what happens…. all I can do is think of you.

Human Design says: that’s how you are, just accept this and relax.

Anyway, that’s the romantic story of my life (that’s if any of you thought I was a superwoman – as much as I’d like to be, I’m… not. I’m just as messed up as everyone else.)

I’m still refusing to fall victim to this (I was joking, I AM a superwoman!), and I constantly look for ways to hack the system.

Every now and then I succeed. Actually. (My students have to giggle here, I can hear you!)

It’s been my lifelong exploration: how to not get lost in love.

I‘ve developed lots of practices for that. We do heaps of them at the Priestess School. I’m going to speak on stage about these things too. But I’ll let you in on a secret.


The best way to not get lost in love is… to get lost in love!

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Yoni is the Sanskrit name for female genitalia.

It also means the sacred temple, the gateway to the Universe and the Source.
When we hear people speak about feminine empowerment, there are so many concepts around it, but not many people speak about the relationship of a woman to her vulva, her vagina, her yoni.
Yet, that’s where the feminine empowerment should start.
So many women don’t have a deep love and connection with their yoni.

Yoni has been shamed for centuries. She was labeled as stinky, ugly, disgusting area “down there”.
This disconnect is the REAL cause of common issues such as low libido, recurring infections, PCOS, uterine prolapse, endometriosis, menstrual cramps, excessive bleeding and others.

Many yonis hardly receive any loving touch… And even less receive praise and are looked at with awe and admiration.
Most yonis are not appreciated for the magical and mystical place they really are.
Without that, our yonis fall asleep. Or sometimes they even fall into a coma.
When we activate the yoni and our connection to her we start owning our power. We start accessing her intuition…
And her intuition is always spot on.

But how do I connect, you may wonder.

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Priestess is not a title or a superior position. Priestess refers to a state of alignment.

Just like the word “Goddess” and the word “Tantra”, the word “Priestess” is largely being misused.

This happens when people that have only limited understanding and awareness of what these terms actually mean start using these words.

Words are very powerful when they help shape consciousness.

Words are very limiting when we get attached to them, ignoring the energy that is behind them.

Words can create and empower as much as they can confuse.

So what does the word “Priestess” mean?

It’s a state of living in inner alignment with the Highest Truth and one’s Supreme Destiny.

It comes together with a capacity to detect when one gets off track and starts wearing blinders, and is living in a projection of reality. It comes together with a radical choice to keep peeling off layers of masks and protection. It comes together with a radical choice to Surrender to the Divine.

When you purify clogged energy, you become more truthful and you have the capacity to show who you really are. Until then your being is perceived through a prism. A prism of limiting somebody-ness.

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