Many people have a tendency to become really affected by the behaviour of their partners. For simplicity it’s called co-dependency.

So here’s a download for everyone who’s interested in shifting this old unnecessary pattern:

Your life has to be so awesome and you need to be thriving so hard that you simply are not able to get obsessed with anyone.

So find out what makes you thrive. What makes you feel that you have an epic life. And commit to doing that. Daily.

Become non negotiable in your commitment to thrive.



Accepting something sounds pretty simple, but is it, really?

Accepting when life just doesn’t go the way you were absolutely certain it would, when what you thought was a bright destiny dissolves into murky waters… Accepting when someone makes a choice that goes against what all your wisdom, intuition and heart are telling you…

It’s not easy.

Yet lack of acceptance is exactly what makes us discontent and unhappy.

The only way to accept is to develop a Trust in Life that transcends all reason.

This Trust is not about “I trust because I will be treated in a lovely way”. It is about “I trust because I know that whatever Life is offering me is in my best possible interests, even if I cannot see the logic of it in this very moment.”

This attitude cannot be faked. This attitude requires a state of inner contentment. This attitude requires an inner freedom.

From this place you know that you are so full, so radiant and so joyful within yourself that nothing can take that away from you.

The question is: How?

How to reach this state of internal contentment?

That’s what all spiritual practice is dedicated to. The real work is not about improving yourself, your environment or people around you. It is about finding the place of contentment within you that you can always return to. In fact, this place never leaves. This place is your home.

A great way to dive into deep transformational work for women is to join the Priestess School.

The next Module 1 is taking place this October in Mallorca. I will be leading it together with my team of Leaders and this will be the last module 1 where I will be present in the foreseeable future.

Ready for a deep dive into the Mystery of your Existence? Ready to discover true home within yourself?

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Photo by Jodie DS taken in Module 3 of Priestess School.



Most people completely misunderstand Tantra.

The misconceptions are understandable.
As soon as we open the door to sexual energy, we open the door to something incredibly powerful and incredibly intense. This intensity makes it very hard to stay on the tiger. It’s very hard to ride it without falling off of it and letting it take over.

That’s why in the past Tantric teachings were only available to select few and only after they’d spend 12 years with their Master.

I believe that time is accelerated now. Our frequency is faster, we have immense opportunities, that come to us at a much faster speed.
And the greatest of them is to awaken.

The best scenario is to arrive to sexual practices AFTER you have done a lot of work on developing your consciousness. But many people are drawn to tantra BEFORE that because they are attracted to the sexual aspect of it.

Yes, Tantra can give you a taste of pleasure beyond what you could have ever imagined.
Most people get so fascinated by this pleasure, they cannot get enough of it, it becomes a drug… You keep seeking more: more powerful experiences, more excitement, more joy… But this is what pulls you off track.

While it’s fine and even recommended to have phases of re-claiming your pleasure, of exploring your desires… it’s easy to get stuck there. And miss the point.

Through pleasure Tantra invites us way beyond pleasure.

Through fully arriving in the body, activating your senses, deeply living the human experience with ALL of its flavours (not only the pleasant, but also the challenging, painful, confusing and ugly…), we are invited to discover something profound.

In Tantra we are invited to discover the Truth of all things.
The Truth is not something changeable. The Truth is what we have to wake up to. The Truth is true essence of all things.
From the moment we see the Truth we start truly living and choosing.
Until then we are merely following our conditioned response to life, even though we may think that we act from free will.

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We all have a major assignment.
We need to find a meeting point for the Feminine and the Masculine.
We have been confused for so long. We have been struggling, fighting, internally and externally.
When this confusion is over it will bring an end to wars on this planet. Because the war starts inside of us.
It spreads to our relationships with others. It spreads to our neighbourhoods. It spreads to nations.
It spreads to unseen realms.
The Feminine has been bashed for centuries. This has resulted in contaminated oceans,
and shame around expression and sexuality. It has resulted in rigidity and stiffness.
Lately we have become aware that we need to give voice to the Feminine.
However, a danger has also become apparent: we can let this pendulum swing too far to the other side.
Sisters, this is not about calling out men.
It is about calling them into the vulnerability of our hearts.
Beloved, please have the courage to enter yourself.
The deeper you enter yourself, the deeper you enter me.
Please have the courage to feel your fear.
Please have the courage to trust this Life and the gifts she is placing at your door.
Please have the courage to be transparent and communicate directly to me about anything that is relevant
for our connection.
I will not judge or blame you. Instead I will invite you deeper into my Heart.
Once you enter me, a part of you is in me. And it is extremely beautiful.
Because I wish to hold you.
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An embodied person is a rare and precious gem.
We only become embodied when we drop all the nonsense that we have picked up from society.
The nonsense includes: what our bodies should look like, how pleasure should feel and how to live our life.
We become embodied when we fully choose to accept and love this form that we have incarnated into. An embodied person is soft and relaxed in his/her body.
Such a person is magnetic, you naturally feel drawn to them…What happens once we “land” into this body is even more fascinating.
A fully activated body becomes a temple, a space where you turn to
connect with the Divine.
Then we start looking for (and finding!) answers inside rather than outside of ourselves.
Ok… But how? I can write endlessly about the body. And you can read endlessly about it.
But the real thing about tapping into the true wisdom of the body can only be experienced.
That’s what we are​ going to do during Divine Eros Immersion.
Ready for this?
Come join us.
The spirit is always talking to you. It is talking through your sensations, through things that you see and hear, as if accidentally… It is talking to you through synchronicities.
Through your emotions.
Through your inner knowing.
Through your instinct. It is talking to you through your own eyes that you see in the mirror.
It is talking to you through the eyes of others.
The spirit is always talking.
But… are you listening?
Photo by Jodie DS taken in Module 2 of Priestess School in Ibiza, May 2019